At NDEAS we firmly believe in a holistic approach to the recruitment of disabled people, as such we have a bespoke set of consultancy services that we feel creates an inclusive culture within an organisation that enables the recruitment, retention and progression of disabled talent within the organisation.

We have the following services and certifications that are all designed to ensure you are adopting inclusive policies and processes with the ultimate result being a more inclusive and accessible workplace, these provisions are as follows:

1. Disability Assured Recruitment Certification (DARC), that looks at the three key elements of the recruitment process which we have termed as:

  • a) Getting In.
  • b) Staying In.
  • c) Enabling.

2. Recruitment And Induction Development Strategy (RAIDS), this is an evaluation tool to help you build a more inclusive strategy to attract disabled candidates and develop a person centred induction process.

3. Retention And Development Strategy (RADS), this is the natural progression of the RAIDS process once we have established that the processes are robust and in place and the understanding of recruiting disabled people is in place, we now need to ensure that person is retained and developed within the organisation.

4. Sector specific certification, we have developed a specific certification for industries that have previously been viewed as too problematic. For example, we have the Construction Industry Assured Inclusive Recruitment Certification (CIAIRC). This is designed to provide the elements needed to create understanding of disability in the construction industry and how this can be managed. We also have the Financial Sector Inclusive Recruitment Certification (FSIRC), Public Sector Inclusive Recruitment Certification (PSIRC), Retail Sector Inclusive Recruitment Certification (RSIRC). All of these are designed specifically to the sector named to ensure that the processes we are putting in place are fit for purpose. Some of these industry’s require specific skill sets and knowledge and therefore the jobs description and process needs to reflect this and the various certifications are designed to drill down on to these and promote the information in the most accessible way possible.

5. General Recruitment Consultancy Services. This is a forensic deep dive into the processes currently operated when going on a recruitment drive for the business. We find where there are barriers and develop a bespoke strategy for your organisation to become an inclusive employer.

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