About Us


The concept of NDEAS and its core vision stems from a combination of both lived and professional experience facing disabled talent in the labour market, particularly in light of the additional barriers that the pandemic has created for the disabled community.

The founder of NDEAS acquired his disability as a result of the 7/7 terror attacks in London in 2005, where he lost both his legs and his left eye, meaning he is now a permanent wheelchair user. The barriers he faced and the way disability of any nature is viewed in the labour market when he tried to re enter the labour market in his words was “Unnecessary and just wrong”.

It is from this experience that NDEAS was born, with two simple aims

1) Provide equity of opportunity to disabled candidates, and

2) Open up new talent pools to our clients.

By offering not just excellent candidates but also the expert consulting services and skills employers need to become a truly viable inclusive employer we can ensure disabled talent:

1. Gets In,
2. Stays In and
3. We enable them to progress and thrive.

We know that talent is talent and we want to help organisations make the most of the untapped talent out there that can massively benefit their business.